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About WinkPayment

We are a reputable exchanger and we have been satisfying thousands of customers since our service inception in 2010. Customers can place buy or sell orders after registering with us. Only verified customers can make payment through the ATM payment gateway

We are dedicated in providing excellent service for customers all over the world. We have a modern epayment system that supports autofunding where customers from over the world can use electronic payment (Debit / Credit Cards) for ecurrency and cryptocurrency funding. Exchange directions for both Perfectmoney and Bitcoin on our site are automated. Our customer can be rest assured that all transactions made on our site are secured, with years of experience in online and offline businesses, you can be in no better place.
Your order is handle by our experienced and highly dedicated staffs. Be rest assure that your information are encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption. We fulfil payment for sales order within 1hour to 24hours.

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When you click on the Sign Up button. You provide us with some necessary information that will help us know and serve you better. This helps us get you started.


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After Sign Up, you will then proceed to get verified. Your being verified helps us serve you faster than normal, as you go from customer to family in just few minutes.


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At the success of your verification, you now have access to the fastest crediting cryptocurrency platform. You can now buy/sell Bitcoin and PerfectMoney.

  • Get $1/PM for ₦375.00 Buy
  • Sell $1/PM for ₦340.00 Sell
  • Get $1/PM for ₦375.00 Buy
  • Sell $1/PM for ₦340.00 Sell
  • Get $1/BTC for ₦375.00 Buy
  • Sell $1/BTC for ₦345.00 Sell
  • Get $1/BCH for ₦380.00 Buy
  • Sell $1/BCH for ₦340.00 Sell
  • Get $1/ETH for ₦380.00 Buy
  • Sell $1/ETH for ₦340.00 Sell
  • Get $1/LTC for ₦380.00 Buy
  • Sell $1/LTC for ₦340.00 Sell

Why Choose Us


If you are going to be needing your order to get proccessed on time, then you should be using us. Transaction success within the shortest of hours.


The process you undergo posting your order is smooth and seamless. In very few minutes, you can complete an order.


Over the years, we have maintained integrity in every of our business. Our customers have seen us as their dependable partners.


We are an accredited Exchange Company, as we have won the trust of many in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Excellence Driven

Everyday, we look at how we can improve. Our young and passionate team is constantly seeking the best ways to deliver value.

Excellent Support

We've built trust among customers and partners by providing a top-notch customer service unit passionate to solve challenges.

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